Embarking on IVF

The process has begon. In my heart I always believed that somehow we would avoid IVF. That somehow I would get pregnant without such drastic intervention. Since nobody could tell us what caused our infertility we just kept waiting and hoping for a miracle. But none came and time is running out. Yesterday we picked up all the medication for the first IVF cycle. Seeing the boxes stacked up on the pharmacy counter brought it home to me. The reality of it all. That I am going to have to inject myself with all those hormones to mature lots of follicles. That these follicles have to be taken out and then (hopefully) fertilized in a lab instead of inside me. And that if we end up with more embryos then one (which we hope for), they will be frozen down for later use if needed. It’s all so surreal.

It pains me that it is nevertheless real and happening to me, but on the other hand I’m also happy and excited to finally get on with this process, which represents new hope for us. Mixed feelings. As we embark on IVF I feel both incredibly sad and incredibly thankful.


7 responses to “Embarking on IVF

  1. I know those feelings well. How it seems like such a big jump to go to IVF but then also realizing how time is passing by. Good luck with this cycle, and once again…remember you are not alone in your feelings or fears. 🙂

  2. Bachelor's Button

    I remember seeing the box of drugs and my heart really did sink. It gets easier though, it honestly does. You should see my sharps bin. IVF has worked for me – round two. I didnt want to have to pursue IVF either but let’s just hope that it gives you a lovely healthy baby (or two?!)

  3. I’m nearing egg-pickup for my first cycle and the whole thing still seems surreal, even after a week of injections and four weeks of synarel. The mixed feelings – pain and relief and sadness and happiness don’t help the weirdness of it either.

    Good wishes to you

  4. Good luck hon. I am about to start my second and when we did our first it felt completely surreal – how could this be happening? I was in tears a lot. And I can’t believe I injected myself – me, who always whimpers at the sight of a needle in the doctors’ office. It’s amazing what we can do when we need to. Be strong and let your loved ones look after you!

  5. Thank you all for your sweet comments!:-) All my best to you as well.

  6. I know you posted almost 1.5 years ago, but I just stumbled upon it today as I’m now looking at converting an IUI cycle to IVF. I wasn’t prepared and feel apprehensive, disappointed & guilty as I really hoped to avoid IVF altogether. Thanks for making me feel “normal”.

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