The Slow Movement

Finally it’s almost time for egg retrieval. Friday is the big day and tonight the final injection; the Pregnyl trigger. I was beginning to think my ovaries had decided to join the slow movement. 24 days of injections feels like an awful long time (13 of them on Gonal-f), since normally my follicles have tended to grow quite quickly. I even ran out of drugs in the fridge and had to get an extra Gonal-f pen.

The latest ultra sound yesterday showed a few more follicles, in addition to the 5 main ones that have been with us the whole time, but they are probably too small so we will most likely end up with quite a small number of eggs. So now we are just hoping that it’s a matter of quality over quantity… after all slow is meant to be good, right?

Although I really liked Carl Honoré’s “In Praise of Slow. How a worldwide movement is challeging the cult of speed“, and could easily be convinced to subscribe to the mantra that slow is beautiful, I can only say that this definitely does not apply when it comes to the process of fertility treatment. I just want it to be over. Quickly please. The long IVF protocol is painfully drawn out and around the corner is (hopefully) more waiting. There is only one thing to do and that’s to try to accept and embrace the tempo of the body and this process.

I’m feeling a bit nervous about the retrieval though – especially since I will be awake during the procedure. That’s how it done here in the Netherlands. They just give you a sedative to keep you calm and morphine for the pain. But they keep assuring me it’s no biggie, so I guess I will have to trust them on that and take it in my stride.


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