There is hope

The embryo transfer has been scheduled for tomorrow. Never had I imagined that that piece of news would make me so happy. And amazingly relieved. It means that it’s possible for my eggs and my husbands sperm to make new life together. Being diagnosed with unexplained infertility, and never having had the slightest indication of a pregnancy, this feels like a major milestone. We knew that there was always a chance that our problem could be to do with fertilization. But that’s not it! We were dancing around in the living room after the call – we have embryos!!! It means there is hope.

We won’t find out until tomorrow how many and how they have developed. All I know is that 8 eggs were retrieved on Friday and that there is as least one embryo to transfer tomorrow. At the moment that is all I need to know.


4 responses to “There is hope

  1. This is wonderful news! I’m sending you many good vibes!

  2. Good luck! Everything crossed for your guys.

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