Meet RoseSelavy – my zen master aka the rest police…

RoseSelavy“We have forgotten what rocks, plants and animals still know. We have forgotten how to be – to be still, to be ourselves, to be where life is: Here and Now.”  Eckhart Tolle.

RoseSelavy came into our lives in late 2006 when she was a tiny wild kitten we rescued from the bottom of the paper recycling container in the communal yard of our apartment building in Copenhagen. By coincidence my husband was looking out the window just as she fell. We got her out of there and took her in, together with her brother. She was ill, scared out of her mind and undernourished. Administering eyedrops twice a day to a wild kitten is no easy task, but miraculously she allowed us to hold her just to do that. As if she knew it needed to be done. She let us take care of her. Now the tables are turned it seems.

Lately she has been ‘bullying’ me relentlessly to stop doing things and just rest. She has never been a very vocal cat, but it seems she has found her voice and she is using it to let me know in no uncertain terms that she is not happy unless I’m laying or sitting in bed. The sofa will do as well, but she clearly prefers the bed. If I’m not resting she is not resting. She fuses around my legs, meowing, scratching the furniture and she won’t give it up until I settle down on the bed. Then she joins me immediately. At first I thought she just wanted cuddles, but she usually places herself too far away for me to reach her. She just lays there, looking at me with half open eyes, purring. The purring goes on for about half an hour until she falls asleep (after which she starts snoring…).

The last few days I have realized that her new ritual is teaching me to rest, to be still and be in the now. It is meditative to listen to her purring and watch her in her pure being and peacefulness. All thoughts disappear for a bit, along with the two week wait and its battle between hope and fear. Thank you my little white furry zen master!


4 responses to “Meet RoseSelavy – my zen master aka the rest police…

  1. What a nice way to be forced to rest! Your rescue story is so heartwarming, what a great addition she has made to your family! Hope she continues to push you down for more rest, maybe she senses something?! 🙂 Best of luck!

  2. It is amazing how intuitive they can be. I’m glad you have a feline companion to help you rest. (And a mighty cute one at that!)

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