The 11 week dance

My husband has a fantastic record collection (good old-fashion vinyl) and the last couple of weeks he has been spinning his jazz, soul and funk tunes like crazy, because as he puts it – you have to start music education as early as possible… 🙂 I’m not complaining. It’s candy for the ears, makes you move and soothes the soul!

We know of course that it’s too early for our little one to actually hear anything, but today at the second ultra sound we could not help but wonder. He/she has sure got the moves! We were treated to the greatest dance show I have ever experienced. It was so funny and amazing. I still can’t stop smiling and tapping my feet to the music coming from the living room.

Nauseous as I am, I just need to take one look at that ultra sound picture to remind myself that it is all real and more than worth it. Everything is going well with the pregnancy and I feel so grateful, thankful, amazed and all kinds of other things I don’t know how to express. This scan in particular has definitely kick-started the bonding.

Thank you all for the supporting comments on my ‘morning sickness’ post. While I’m still puking away, I have asked the guilt to move out and instead I’m just trying to accept that I feel crap at the moment and it’s ok to feel drained physically and mentally and it’s ok to voice it. I had lost a bit of weight which is not exactly what I need, but it was not alarming. On an emotional level the scan today has helped boost morale enormously and there is just two weeks to go for the next scan (NT). By then I will hopefully be feeling better.


4 responses to “The 11 week dance

  1. Jealous!!!! But v happy for you. The movement is amazing, isn’t it? You should try it AFTER three hours flat panic in casualty :-). What a buzz. Can’t wait til I actually get my hands on pics Monday . 11 weeks today, flat on my back, and hoping. Glad you’re enjoying it, hope the up chucking ceases soon.

    • I’m hoping with you!! It must be so difficult not losing your mind in worry.
      Yes the movements are truly amazing and I can’t even imagine the buzz you must have felt to get that show after what you went through!

  2. Hope you start feeling better soon!

  3. Hope the morning sickness starts to abate soon and you can properly enjoy those movements.

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