Third trimester

I can’t believe the third trimester is here. Today I was thinking back to that moment when a tiny bundle of 8 cells, invisible to the naked eye, was transferred to my womb. Now 6 month later I’m constantly feeling the baby kicks and my bump is growing ever bigger. How amazing it is. And still unbelievable despite the fact that it is also so very real.

I haven’t been blogging for quite some time, because I haven’t had much to write about that has any relevance to what this blog is about. Life has not been so easy lately, but I’m trying hard not to let it overshadow the joy of finally expecting a baby after years of infertility. Therefore I also don’t want to use this space to write about those other things in life that can be difficult.

All I can say is that life’s challenges are definitely not easier to deal with when you are pregnant. The hormones are doing their bit, I’m sure, to significantly lower my ability to cope. In addition it’s hard to deal with the fact that our situation is not how you would want things to be when you are about to have a baby. That overwhelms me with sadness and worry sometimes. Praying for a job for hubby and our own place to live.

Nevertheless, expecting a baby is also giving us a much stronger sense of meaning and purpose than we have ever had before. Yes life can be a struggle, but at least now we are fighting for something more than just ourselves.


4 responses to “Third trimester

  1. Congratulations on reaching the third trimester! Glad the pregnancy is going smoothly and baby is growing away. I am sorry that life is giving you troubles these days, I hope that they soon come to pass and you get to just focus on the joy of your baby.

  2. How wonderful you are in your third trimester! It is great the baby is growing well and you are doing alright. Often struggles are part of the process. You have come this far and you can make it. I understand your situation and empathize with you. Even with trouble, this is a time of joy and peace for you as you nourish a new life.

  3. So glad to see this update and hear that all is going well with the baby. I’ve checked in a few times and wondered what you are up to. I think I thought after all the IF struggles that being pregnant would be like a magical cure for all of life’s ills, but as you say, life goes on – there are challenges and disappointments and scares and work hassles and family hassles etc and it’s all just as messy as it ever was, except that we have the knowledge that this great experience is happening even now. I do feel it is truly magical to be expecting a baby, and like you I have been trying to focus on that more than anything else. But it’s not always possible, we’re only human after all. I hope you’re ok xx

  4. Just catching up on everyone and wanted to say hi and I am thinking of you.

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