My name is Irene. I’m 37 and my husband and I have been trying for a baby since the beginning of 2006. When I started this blog in August 2011, we had been on this journey for 5,5 years. We have been through 6 stimulated IUI cycles, all unsuccessful, and one successful round of IVF. I got pregnant for the first time ever in December 2011. IVF #1 was our lucky break!!

Our infertility is ‘unexplained’ which simply means that the reason(s) are unknown. Read more about unexplained infertility here. Recently, however, an issue of elevated FSH levels had appeared, indicating that early menopause will soon become my lot. We were running out of time!

While going through the last three cycles of IUI and the first cycle of IVF we lived in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. We moved to London in the UK when I was 20 weeks pregnant. We were actually planning to move to London already back in Aug-Sept 2011, but my elevated FSH levels got in the way so to speak. There was no time to start over in the UK and be stuck on a waiting list to gain access to IVF treatment there. We couldn’t afford to go private in the UK and since the health insurance we had in the Netherlands covers three rounds of IVF, we had no choice but to stay and do the treatment there. Now we are thanking the heavens that we did!

I started this blog to try to make some sense of my experience of infertility and fertility treatment and try to create a better understanding of what it means for us who go through it and our lives, bodies, relationships and identities.


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